About Us

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SkyLight Fitters was built for you

Skylight Fitters is a London based roof window installation company that specialises in…..
well…..installing roof windows in and around London.

A Brief History

Skylight Fitters started life as a traditional building company (G.A BUILDERS) that carried out all types of building work and over the years we are proud to have built and managed many homes and extensions.

In 2011, we noticed that there was a shortage of reliable, professional roof window installers and, as a building company, we were constantly let down by installers when it came to reliability, professionalism and quality of work. We decided that if no one was going to offer a professional and reliable roof window service, then we would have to do it ourselves.

We chose to invest in the best training available, we obtained the highest professional certification in the industry, and we employed the best team that did nothing other than roof window installations. Once we had everything in place, Skylight Fitters was born.

We really do love installing roof windows and are very proud to have built a great service that let’s us do this.

What We Do?

In a nutshell, if you want to install a window in your roof then we are the best people for the job. It doesn’t matter whether you are installing one window or a thousand, we can help you. These are the areas we specialise in:

Whether you have existing roof windows and need to upgrade or you are installing them for the first time, we have everything covered.

Why not check out the areas that we cover here

Get in touch and let’s see how we can help you today